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Operadores de turismo nórdicos visitan Ecuador

Escrito por Lic. Cristhian Reyes H.

Con el objetivo de explorar nuevos lugares interesantes para viajes, eventos, y exóticos destinos, un grupo de operadores de turismo escandinavos se encuentran de vista en Ecuador. Este grupo recorre varias regiones del país.

Trece operadores de turismo escandinavos y un funcionario de la Oficina Comercial en Suecia, llegaron a Quito, entre ellos: Lars Magnusson, representante de KLM y AIR FRANCE para Escandinavia; Torsten Bergenholtz, presidente de LATA NORDIC (Asociación de Viajes hacia América Latina y el Caribe); y once representantes de empresas escandinavas, exploran lugares para viajes de conferencias, eventos, y exóticos destinos.

A su arribo a la Capital fueron recibidos por un delegado de Proecuador, los co-organizadores del viaje de familiarización y los operadores ecuatorianos Ecoandes Travel y Kleintours.

Los visitantes recorrerán varias regiones del Ecuador durante diez días: Quito, Otavalo, Cotacachi, Ibarra, Guayaquil, Manta, Montecristi, el Parque Nacional Machalilla y las Islas Galápagos.

A su vez KLM promociona su nueva ruta directa Amsterdam – Quito – Guayaquil, que reduce el tiempo de vuelo al Ecuador de manera considerable; haciendo más atractivo el destino.

Este es el segundo viaje de familiarización de operadores escandinavos. De acuerdo a reportes de inteligencia comercial, esto plasma el interés de los ciudadanos nórdicos por conocer América Latina y el Ecuador, y los esfuerzos de promoción realizados desde la apertura de esta Oficina Comercial en Suecia en 2009.;view=article&id=21990:operadores-de-turismo-nordicos-visitan-ecuador&catid=3:sucesos&Itemid=77

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Train Road Opening

We are glad to inform you that the 30 km. railroad track of the Northern Andes that goes from Ibarra to the Afro-Ecuadorian community of Salinas has been renewed and is open for operation from Wednesday to Sunday.
This fascinating route embraces high altitude vegetation, dry zones with bromeliad and pear cacti, ending in a sub-tropical zone with sugar cane plantations. The main attraction of this ride is the traveling through tunnels and bridges following the canyon of river Ambi. Passengers will enjoy a delicious lunch and a visit to the Salt Museum.
Ask your reservation agent about Salinas tours combined with a Karanki Magdalena Community visit.

M/V Galapagos Legend, M/Y Coral I & II Maritime Security

The Archipelago of Galapagos is one of its kind and require special handling to guarantee the conservation of marine and island ecosystems. It's considered "Particularly Sensitive Sea Area" (PSSA) by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), meaning that this area needs special protection through action and Kleintours / Galatours (KT/GT) have to operate in accordance with IMO's normative.

KT/GT meets all national and international certificates and approvals to have a safe and sustainable operation in this fragile ecosystem. Furthermore our Captains, Deck, Engine officers and crew are experienced and are constantly trained in safety and hospitality.

As part of our security manual we have emergency drills twice a week with passengers so they all know exactly what to do, where their lifejackets are and how our cabin escape plan works. Frequent inspections and audits are conducted to verify the full compliance of safety manuals and any procedure related to them.

Our state-of-the-art navigation equipment and a master voyage plan that rules our operation allow us to control by satellite in real time the position and the navigation route of the fleet; and also help us to be in continuous communication with the office in Quito.

San Cristóbal Flights

Due to our new Galapagos cruise operation we now have flights to San Cristóbal Island. The departure and arrival time of these flights are later than those to/from Baltra. These flights will be used on itineraries C & D for all our vessels. You can check Aerogal flights schedule on our web page

What's going on in Galapagos during February?

* Greater flamingos start nesting on Floreana Island.
* Marine iguanas nest on Santa Cruz Island.
* Penguins migrate away from Bartolomé Island to cooler waters of Isabela and Fernandina Island.
* Weather: Rainy season.

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Fuel Surcharge Increase for 2012 in Domestic Flights

Due to the elimination of the subsidy on fuel for domestic airlines announced by the Ecuadorian Government; local Airlines will be charging a fuel surcharge to passengers traveling within Ecuador.

After several conversations and negotiations, staring February 1st AEROGAL will be charging a fee of US$80 per passenger including taxes for the roundtrip to the Galapagos either from Quito or Guayaquil this fee will be invoiced to tickets of tours that already have been booked or paid, if the fee was not pre-paid, it can be paid by cash or credit card at Kleintours' counter before boarding the flight.

Galapagos tortoise may not be extinct

Good news for conservancy! A rare species of giant Galapagos tortoise thought to be extinct for over 150 years probably still exists according to studies by a Yale University team, who reached to this conclusion after finding genetic traces of the turtle known as Chelonoidis elephantopus or C. elephantopus in the DNA of their hybrid offspring.

The C. elephantopus was originally found only on Floreana Island and it's estimated that it extinguished shortly after Darwin's historic trip to the Galapagos in 1835. Thirty of the tortoises found are less than 15 years old; so the chances of the pure-blood parents still being alive are high, given that they can live to over 100 years old.

The genetic sampling conducted in 2000 of these tortoises led to the discovery of genetic fingerprints that suggest that individuals of C. elephantopus could still live on the island. Now the researchers plan to have a workshop in order to discuss what can be done and send an expedition at the end of this year to look for the pure Floreana tortoises.

Photography contest winners!


We invited you to vote for the photos you like the most among those that have won during our photography contest that takes place on board M/V Galapagos Legend, M/Y Coral I & II.

The final results are: third place goes to Alex Talyamsky, second place to Zachary Zelazo Kessler and our winner is Tamara Renae Itterman with her underwater shot.

Congratulations to them and thanks for traveling with us!

What's going on in Galapagos during February?

* Greater flamingos start nesting on Floreana Island.
* Marine iguanas nest on Santa Cruz Island.
* Penguins migrate away from Bartolomé Island to cooler waters of Isabela and Fernandina Island.
* Weather: Rainy season.

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Ecuador among the 2012 top travel spots by National Geographic

Travel experts have chosen Ecuador as one of the destinations to travel in 2012, this poll, conducted by the National Geographic Traveller gathered the opinion of travel journalists, guidebooks, tourist boards and other travel specialists.

Ecuador is located on the northwestern coast of South America and is noteworthy for its wide array of indigenous cultures, well-preserved colonial architecture, spectacular volcanic landscapes and dense rainforest, being the perfect place for a quality holiday.
Ask our reservations agents about Kleintours 2012 wide array of tours that will let you discover this fascinating country.

Christmas with our "Karanki-Magdalena Community

On December 17th, children in the Magdalena Community were honored by a group of Lojanos (people from the southern province in Ecuador, Loja); this group denominated "Alma Lojana" celebrated Christmas with about 250 children and their parents in a program filled of games, contests and presents.
Rosa Mena, our Accounts Manager, is a proud member of this group and shared with us her experience with this remarkable community, one of the top visited places in Ecuador by KT passengers.

2011 Photo Contest on board Kleintours' Fleet

Help us to choose the 2011 best photo of our passengers among those that have won during our photography contest that takes place on board M/V Galapagos Legend, M/Y Coral I & II.
Click the following link: to vote. You will need to rate each photo with the stars on top before passing to the next one.

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The British Ecuadorian Chamber recognized the "Chaski Route" social project

On November 25th the first British Ecuadorian Chamber Charity Ball took place where its main objective was to collect donations for projects inside the Corporate Social Responsibility focus. Eight projects were submitted by the Chamber members and Kleintours "Chaski Route" project was within the three finalists.

We feel deeply satisfied of the fact that Salinas and Magdalena communities have progressed so positively -and in such a short time- in terms of sustainable development, becoming essentially self-sufficient in terms of the management of their many ventures.
This is an important recognition for our company and it encourages us to keep on working with our communities and we are sure our Partners will continue supporting this development given that tourism plays a progressively more important role in the development of communities, not only by generating jobs but also by revalorizing the communities' assets, their culture, traditions, food, and beliefs.


Celebrating the Foundation of Quito


The first week of December, Quito celebrates its Spanish foundation, which took place on December 6th, 1534. During this time the bullfight fair takes place with many of the most recognized "toreros" and a number of cultural activities and festivals.
All around the city "chivas" (colorful open buses) can be seen with a live band playing traditional Quiteño music and serving canelazos(warm cinnamon drink with alcohol), also there are also music festivals in plazas and churches; it's the opportunity to taste delicious delicacies of the Ecuadorian cuisine and to share with you our traditions, beliefs that are part of our culture.
Tomorrow December 6th, our offices will be closed due to this celebration; for emergencies with passengers traveling to Ecuador, contact our emergency numbers: (593-9)945-6205 / (593-8) 948-5967.


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Supporting our local community in Galapagos

As part of Kleintours contribution with a responsible eco-friendly operation of our deluxe fleet, we are in constant support of local communities. During 2011 we have sponsored some important projects in the Galapagos on behalf of our companies and travelers:
-With the nonprofit organization "Ecology Project International", dedicated to developing place-based ecological education partnerships between local experts and foreign schools, we have closely worked with students in coastal cleanup, eradicating invasive species protecting giant tortoises and more.
-Ministry of Education, "Special Education section" we supported economically diverse recreational activities that integrated positively students, teachers and school volunteers.
-To the Institute for Children and Family (MIES) in Santa Cruz, Kleintours donated equipment to daycare and uniforms to the school students, the same support was given to The Cantonal Council of Childhood and Adolescence so that they can be continue their noble work with children and teenagers.
-As part of our internal procedures we buy and consume a substantial amount of local products (veggies, meat, dairy, and more) for our cruise operation in the islands that is handpicked by Kleintours' personnel applying our high quality control standards to guarantee customer satisfaction.

M/V Galapagos Legend improvements

After September dry dock these improvements have been made to the vessel:

  • Satellite Internet connection.
  • New decoration, furniture and linen in the restaurant.
  • New restroom next to the restaurant.
  • New adjustable air conditioning system.
  • Implementation of noise isolating system in cabins.
  • Improvement of the sewage system.
  • An interpretation corner instead of the library with expositions of 14 different themes related to the Enchanted Islands the best interaction with our guides.
  • New automatic massage chairs and steam room up to 6 people.
  • New decoration and games in the Kids corner.
  • 4 Standard Plus cabins will be interconnected and new Balcony VIP suite which is more ample.
  • New video system in cabins to select up to 60 movies or the next day's briefing, possibility to make an international phone call direct from the cabin.
  • New linens and pillows.
  • General maintenance of furnishings of outer and inner areas.
  • New carpeting and curtains.
  • The auditorium has been renovated and has new chairs.
  • Our chefs have been trained in fusion cuisine to offer guests a new delicious menu.

We are also happy to inform you that as pioneers in the tourism industry, we have gotten an environmental license issued by the Galapagos National Park which qualifies us to operate within the Islands safely without pollution, with our 2012 itineraries we will be navigating 400 miles less making us more efficient and less polluting.

Oro Verde Guayaquil Hotel upgrading

Starting November 1, 2011 each room in the Oro Verde Hotel will have a mini bar and the non-alcoholic beverages are included in the rate, these soft drinks are 6 per room during the whole stay; also availability of new linens and pillows in rooms and new brand of amenities in bathrooms, "Verbena y Romero". The hotel is also competing in the next World Travel Awards Caribbean & the America Gala Ceremony as the South America's leading hotel; this ceremony will take place on October 19th.

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Kleintours presenta sus nuevas ofertas de tours en Quito y sus alrededores: Quito colonial durante la noche en la Chiva “Don Otto”, Ecuador pre-colombino y arte contemporáneo, Rosas e Iglesias y Recorrido de la Historia en tren.

Todos estos recorridos se han diseñado para disfrutar las diversas opciones que tiene Quito como destino turístico, desde su historia y tradiciones, hasta la aventura y diversión que esconden sus alrededores. Para mayor información comunicarse al 226-7000.


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New 2012 Galapagos Cruises Itineraries

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Lunedì, 05 Settembre 2011 14:34

Kleintours y la Comunidad Magdalena

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